Creativity in Landscape photography

Where does creativity start and finish ?

(within the realms of landscape photography)

This is one of the many things that I ponder about at times.
Is creativity part of the conceptual idea? Is it when we view the scene or the taking of the image? Is it in the post production. For me, most times it's when a scene opens up in front of me that my creative energy goes into overdrive. I slowly start bringing together the creative elements that are going to make this image. Light, positioning, what is the key object in the image , does it need to have one, am I in the right spot.

Trying to visualise what this will look like on canvas

How big will I print it, will the colours jump out or will it give the impression that one can walk into the image.
At times it is just a jumble of thoughts and ideas as I try to compose the image in front of me.
There are also times with all this buzzing around in ones' head, that in the end it comes to nothing but a good image for a postcard. Sometimes this comes about by being in the right place but the wrong moment in time.

I also find that at times due to our hectic life styles creativity can get left behind. Creativity needs time to slowly evolve into tangible ideas that can be practically integrated into landscape photography.

For me to get back on track, it's as simple as closing the doors and heading bush, removing myself from what you might call my everyday environment. I must admit it doesn't take long sitting behind the wheel of my old Landrover, before the mind starts to see again.

Creativity for me is a continuous process from the capture, to the post production, printing and then the presentation.  It only ends when its hanging on the wall in my Gallery. Then comes the part of uncertainty the self critiquing, always wondering what could I have done to improved my creative process.

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