Enjoying my age

Enjoying my age

Enjoying my age more than ever, it,s fantastic be be the age I am. I Always thought though,  will I be able to do what I want to when I get to this age. More so in relationship to my physical health.
Well with all of my activities that I enjoy and a bit of the physical work that I do. A bit of building work for my daughters for myself and of course working in the garden. it seems to do the job.

That was till I suggested to my wife that we should take up kayaking, a sport that I had enjoyed tremendously in my younger days. When my wife and I started looking around to buy a couple of kayaks,
I was rather taken back at the price of plastic kayaks, then when I started to look at kevlar and fiberglass it nearly got me into an early grave. So being who I am , always tinkering and building things. I thought I'll build a kayak,

I must admit the with the aid of google these days nothing is impossible. So I started my journey of research about building Kayaks. What I soon realised the type of kayaks we wanted needed a bit more flexibility in their use. So guess what? my wife and I started a regime of yoga weights and pilates. So I am definitely enjoying my age now. Its made a wonderful difference to our general wellbeing. And with all the thinking needed to research and build its keeping the brain active also.

What I found

What I came up with was a SKIN ON FRAME kayak similar to what the inuits used for hunting. Fantastic shape and ultra light. One of the things that always interested me was learning to roll a Kayak, and this is of course where the greenland kayak comes into its own. Interestingly the can skin on frame kayaks can be build for a multitude of purposes.
Have build a couple of them now, mine is 18'6" by 21" wifes is 15'6" by 23" mine weighs in at 12.4kg and Rosemary's is a mere 10.2kg. So all in all fantastic weight. the handle well Rosemary loves hers its just so easy to paddle and manage. So yes I am certainly enjoying my age. Of course the next thing is how to incorporate it into my photographer.

I have sown the seeds and mentioned to my wife that this would gives us an other dimension of viewing the shore line and would create some fantastic images. ( I am thinking of a Gopro black 5 ) she hasn't taken the bait yet, more work required. in ht mean time I have a small Pelican case for my sony RX100 mark 3. just not as handy as a gopro would be


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