Landscape images from the Flinders

Well we've been back now just over a week from our last trip away to collect Australian Landscape images , from around the Flinders Ranges. If you haven't had a chance to look at them, I'd appreciate some feed back on them.

That’s enough of promoting myself I’ll do a bit more  later. It's been the first trip for nearly 18 months, just got so busy with a lot of other things, some business related, others just bits that needed doing around the house and of course there are always the demands of your family. Having three daughters as some of you may know, dads are always required. It's great and I love every bit of it. Well back to this trip of ours ( when I say we or ours, it refers to my lovely wife Rosemary and myself) It was rather a rushed trip in the time frame we had, most things had been packed up a couple of days before which is easy with the camper trailer. There were just a few things that needed finishing off on Sunday, as we were due to leave early Monday morning to collect those fantastic landscape images .
On Sunday, we’d been helping the young daughter and her family move house and this took a bit longer than we thought, so by the time we got home it was too late to do any more. On Monday morning we quickly tidied up any loose ends, and then headed off. Well those loose ends took until 9-30 am to get finished, so much for the early start. We jumped in the car and off we went. You wouldn't believe it, as we only got 3 metres and the camper trailer blew a tyre, in our own back yard.

I have a circular garden bed, raised about 45cm. and on this I had a couple of sheets of iron sitting on it. A corner was hanging over the edge, the sheets were weighted down so they won't blow away  (future project ) . slashed the tyre totally stuffed it, and it was brand new. Well as you may have guessed, I  was more than pissed off by now. How could I have been so absent minded! Well after a bit of swearing and cursing, out with the jack and on with the spare tyre. At least this part went well, lots of practice over the years. The only irritating part about all this  is that we had to buy a new spare tyre to go away with.

A quick trip into Gawler and we managed to find one, parted with some hard earned cash and we were finally  on our way. What a relief that was and by now it was 11-30am, just a touch later than I anticipated for our departure time but none the less we were finally on our way. We travelled off the main highways, I like to see what is around in the smaller towns in S.A. We didn't quite make our first destination which was Wilpena Pound an area known for it's stunning Australian Landscapes.As it was getting late,  we just looked for a secluded spot off the road and camped the night . It was fantastic to be out in this stunning Australian Landscape again, peaceful and quiet. We were in bed by 8 o'clock, snuggled into out warm sleeping bags and not a sound stirred that night. Quite amazing.............. more to come in our next blog.

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