Landscapes how Fortunate

Working for yourself

Trying to capture our beautiful landscapes has its ups and downs. Some weeks more downs then ups but after looking back on this week there were more ups. Although I carry out a variety of work, I still like to have my focus on the Landscape component of my business. It’s how I started.

And as we travel along our path we always have those little niggling doubts “ Did I make the right choices”, because it doesn’t matter how passionate we are about what we do and how much we love it, at the end of the day, it still needs to bring in an income. I think there are a lot of passionate Landscape Photographers out there that just make a living from capturing our wonderful Australian landscapes.

Well this week was one of those weeks that confirmed that I was heading in the right direction. I looked back over the last five years that I’ve been in this location in the magnificent Barossa Valley, and thought to myself. I am living in a fantastic location. I am paying my bills ( bit of a juggle at times. ) I still eat well. I am fit and healthy. The most important thing, is that I’m still able to get out and about photographing Australian Landscapes with my wife while fully enjoying my passion .

And yes, it’s not the only thing that brings in my income, as some of you would know. I do a variety of things photographic. Commercial work, product photography, portrait photography and the occasional wedding.I think I am pretty lucky to have such a wide range of skills to be able to do what iI enjoy most which is using my camera

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