My Week as a landscape Photographer

It’s amazing how most people think that the landscape photographer has one long life of one of adventure and excitement. After reading my last blog you would be right in believing that. But this it is far from the truth . This is the same for every self employed person, running their own business. In reality a great amount of time is spent by yourself in the office  doing the mundane routine  jobs required to run and market the business.

Despite this my week is never dull or uninteresting.My job is always challenging and with the number of skills at my disposal ,I am always in demand. Trying to juggle my work roles makes for an interesting week and some long hours!

To be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. Here at Peter Franz Photography / Lyndoch Studio, we provide not only great Australian Landscapes, but fine art printing, customised framing, graphic design, family portraiture and camera tuition. Well this week was particularly hectic as they were all required. I had to quote on a couple of portrait interviews, printed 2 enlargements, which also included sitting down with the client looking at the image file and listening to the clients story about how they went about capturing this great image.

I always try to  provided some constructive critique for future references.

One of the things I enjoy most, is being able to pass on some of the photographic skills that I have learnt. It’s a real thrill when a former client comes back with one of their image files  for me to print. I am a firm believer what you give, you get back. Then about 3 weeks ago a prospective client dropped in to enquire about framing a couple of water colours that someone had painted in her family. We sat down and exchanged the normal pleasantries, then discussed the process, selected mats and moulding then the cost involved. Gave a cheery farewell and thought no more about it. 

Well, she returned this week with the 2 water colours saying that “ I feel that you’ll do a real good job of them. These water colours have been in her family since 1931, they are original paintings of Manly Beach signed and dated. “ They were to be handed down to her great, great, grand children. It made me feel very privileged to be able to do this work for her. These are just some of the small rewards that come along every so often. Then back to reality doing the weeks books, preparing a flyer and DL for some more marketing material to be handed out to prospective clients at a new local Gym opening.

But the highlight of the week was to be on Sunday, photographing my grandson’s 1st birthday. I didn’t have any reservations in shutting the Gallery on Sunday and heading off with my wife to enjoy this fantastic day. Lachlan is such a happy go lucky fella, it was pure joy watching him crawl around enjoying everybody's company, without being too fussed about who everybody was. I don’t know who had a better day him or me. 

This coming week I am trying to get out and about a few times and and have a bit of a play around with my new lens Canon L series 16-35 1:2.8 II USM. to create some panoramas as I have never tried a wide angle lens to shot panoramas, normally do multi shot and stitch them together.

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