Outback a photgraphers paradise

Capturing the Australian Outback

Outback Australia is a fantastic place to spend time with your camera. It can get hot inundated with flies, wet, muddy but on the whole what a magnificent place to be.

Well its been quite a while since I got down to writing a blog, I suppose as with a lot of things we get busy and find reasons why I cant get out to capture our beautiful landscape. It's always easy to find excuses why we can’t do something. But I have been motivated again to get out into the bush to capture some more of this wonderful Australian landscape. I am sitting under canvas in a fantastic location in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. It’s about 7pm sun is slowly going down and the cool breeze is lovely. A great night for sleeping and I don't have to complain about the crap on television there isn’t any. Just myself and my wife cooking the evening meal. Just something simple bacon and eggs sitting here writing. With the smell of bacon cooking bringing back many fond memories of family camping trips.

It will be an early start in the cool of the morning walking into Wilkawillana Gorge

Spending a bit of time having a good look around to see what the landscape will reveal for me to capture some stunning images.

The reason I am in this particular gorge is that we came here last year, we found this by sheer chance as we were coming back from a trip to Chambers Gorge. And because of that I have a fantastic image hanging in my Gallery of a small part of the Wilkawillina Gorge. This spurred me on to add a few more to my collection of this spectacular area.

The only way to do that is to get out here put up with the heat ( which isn’t too bad yet not as bad as the flies. )

In the Outback its always good to get an early start in the morning as it was going to be a warm day about 30° + so didn’t want to be in the gorge in mid afternoon, as there wasn’t much of a breeze around. Once into the main part of the gorge about one and a half kilometres into it the rugged beauty started to appear before us.I was looking for a particular image depicting the large gums and the surrounding gorge with the rock strewn river bed. I think we had to walk nearly 3 kms. before this scene appeared. which was also a good time for a drink and food stop. Once the necessities were out of the way it was down to business scouting the area for the best place to set up the tripod. It didn’t take too long and we were snapping away, well about four shots any way. While I had the camera in hand a few more shots were taken of surrounding rock walls and pools of water, they were quite large pools considering it hadn’t rained up here for awhile the pools may be fed from underground springs.

Cheers Peter

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