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Mount Chambers

Mount chambers is part of the Chambers Gorge in the Flinders Ranges South Australia. It rises to a height of 409 meters. And were named after the Chambers Brothers who owned pastoral leases in the area. When the warm afternoon golden light falls on it. Mount Chambers is truly a wonderful Australian landscape to behold. I was camped at Chambers gorge just for the night I had arrived early in the day so it allowed me to have a scout around. I was there mainly to photograph Mount Chambers, the gorge itself I will do an other time. When I have a bit more time available and then spend a couple of days there.

Australian landscape colorful Mount Chambers

Keywords: Australia, COLOUR, Cliffs, DESCRIPTIVE, LANDFORM, Oceania, PLACES, South Australia, States, WORLD LOCATION, Willkawillina Gorge, brown, cliff, colourfull, continent, hillside, land feature, land formation, multi-coloured, outback/, rock, rocky, sandy, ┬ęcopyright 2014_Peter_Franz_Brunnbauer

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