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Warm Afternoon Light

Warm Afternoon Light is what caught my attention as it shone on that lovely old Gum tree.As it stood there in the middle of the creek. Towering above its nearest rivals. I just stood there for awhile, in a bit of a dream watching that warm afternoon light. Play it's magic on the surrounding landscape. I did wake up in time, changed lens to my 200mm so that I could bring that landscape in closer. made sure I had the right exposure and the right focus and squeezed the trigger. I love how the richness in the rock formation is reviled with that warm afternoon light.

sunny warm afternoon light

Keywords: Australia, COLOUR, Cliffs, DESCRIPTIVE, LANDFORM, Oceania, PLACES, South Australia, States, WORLD LOCATION, Willkawillina Gorge, brown, cliff, colourfull, continent, hillside, land feature, land formation, multi-coloured, outback/, rock, rocky, sandy, ┬ęcopyright 2014_Peter_Franz_Brunnbauer

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