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Harsh Flinders Landscape

Harsh landscape that you see is on a look out point situated towards the end of the Willkawillina Gorge walk. A reasonable hard walk at the best of times. But when you're carrying 13kg. of camera equipment bit of food and water it keeps me fit. I was looking at getting into the gorge from this end. As I had been into the gorge about 4-5 klm from the other end. Which is quite spectacular, I stood at the look out taking a few photos. and deciding what to do. Whether I should head down into the gorge, or head back. I decided to head back it was getting pretty hot about 40c. the conditions would have been very harsh indeed down in the lower parts of the gorge and my supply of water was a bit too limited to head down into the hotter part of the gorge. I rested up enjoying the bit of a breeze that was up here before finding a quick way down the side of the gully.

rugged harsh Flinders Landscape

Keywords: Australia, CONCEPTS, DESCRIPTIVE, Dawn, Flinders Ranges, Oceania, South Australia, States, Sunrise, TIME OF DAY, TIMES OF THE DAY, WORLD LOCATION, afternoon, continent, old tree, outback/, shade, sunset, ┬ęcopyright2015 Peter Franz Brunnbauer

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