Photography My Passion

Photography something different.

Well it's been 4 months now since I sat down and wrote a blog. Sometimes I wonder why I take so long to write about something that I am very passionate about. Photography has been part of my life ever since I bought my first camera back in the early 60's.

What most people don't know is that I have this great urge to continually challenge myself. Some of these challenges have involved driving on unmarked back roads in the middle of Western Australia, navigating only with a map and GPS. Or climbing goat tracks in the Flinders Ranges, lugging a  14kg. camera pack. All for my passion photography. My wife and I both enjoy the ocean and it's coastline with all it's fantastic  views.

To be honest we both enjoy anything remote and isolated. With photography I'm always looking for a different angle so I suggested that we get a couple of kayaks and travel along some of Australia's fantastic coastline. This would give us a great recreational activity and also keep us fit and active. But with a bit of luck  ( the reason I say with a bit of luck, at the time of writing this blog,  we are still learning the necessary skills to handle our kayaks in the ocean ) given that it all comes together.  It will give me the opportunity to create some interesting photography of our great Australian coastline. Hopefully  produce some stunning photos.

Photography from kayak

This is how I am going to do it

Of course the next thing that comes along how am I going to get these images while sitting in a kayak. ( nothing like a challenge ) I have got an amazing little camera the Sony RX100 mark III and actually found a proper underwater housing for it. Which of course isn't cheap so I started looking at point and shoots, but to this stage none have the ability to shoot in raw mode. So this isn't any good to me either, so while all this research is going on I had a look at the GOPRO. Up until now I haven't thought much about it as a still camera more a video camera.

But with the new GoPro Hero5 Black I think this would give me what I am looking for. It won't replace my Canon 1Ds mark III but will give me the opportunity to use it in conditions that you wouldn't place a normal DSLR. Still being able to produce a reasonable image ( I hope ) for my landscape photography.

Would love some feedback from anyone that has the  GoPro Hero5 Black .
Has worked and edited the raw files in lightroom or photoshop.
Also what is the best remote to use with it, any suggestions?


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