Australian Landscape Rock at Reef Point


A stunning image printed on canvas that brings out the beautiful soft pastel colours of the sea spray pounding against the rock. and enhanced by the soft rays of light from the afternoon sun.


Australian Landscape Rock at Reef Point

Rock at Reef Point is located in the magnificent Coffin Bay National Park in South Australia. A fantastic place for capturing a range of magnificent, Australian Landscapes.

Reef Point

Is one of the many locations within the Coffin Bay National Park. It abounds with a rugged rocky coastline pounded by large waves. Occasional there is a lovely sandy beach scattered amongst the rocky cliffs.

But like a lot of beaches along this stretch of coastline it is difficult to get to. When I visited this area I was stunned by the natural beauty of this fantastic Australian landscape in front of me.

I spend a few hours wandering around this section of the coastline. Seeing if there was anything else that would grab my imagination. But when ever I came back to this fantastic rock, with the waves pounding on it.

I knew I needed to capture this magnificent scene. When I assessed the situation there were a number of things that needed to come together.

Our Australian Landscape images are individually hand printed by photographer and artist Peter Franz Brunnbauer. Using some of the finest canvases and papers produced by the  Canson Mill.

As extra protection our canvases are coated with a water based urethane coating, that is non yellowing does not crack and is waterproof. This provides a layer of protection from our normal living contaminates.
All of our Australian Landscape images are hand signed by the photographer and artist Peter Franz Brunnbauer.
The Story that you read about the images is provide as part of the purchase of the print.

Matting and framing can also be provided.

We feel so confident that you will  love the quality of my images I give you a“one month " you decide MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ( Conditions Apply )If you require further information don't hesitate to call me on

Phone 61 8 8524 5225
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Panorama 3/1 size ratio

Canvas Panorama – 30cm x 90cm, canvas Panorama 40cm x 120cm, canvas panorama 50cm x 150cm, Panorama fine art paper 25cm x 76cm, Panorama fine art paper 30cm x 90cm, Panorama fine art paper 45cm x 135cm


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