Recent works

Recently created images for my ever increase collection. I have been focused on trying to capture our unique coastline and waterways by travelling in a kayak.

Kayaking around inner Port Adealiade

On this occasion my wife and I spent a few hours paddling and taking photos. Around the inner Port Adelaide area in South Australia. An place that is undergoing huge changes in the next few years. It's hard to say whether its for the better or not. But one thing is for sure we are losing a lot of character of the Port and its history. It appears that with some development of land, it is how much can we get out of it. Which i can understand form the developers investment.

But in certain situations, the character and the history of a place needs to be maintained. As much as the overall scheme of things. We are a very young country with very little history. So we need to make an effort to keep as much of it as possible. I have no doubt that the development will look fantastic. An up market version of West lake.

Here is a link to my most recent works of Australian Landscapes more images taken on this shoot.

Also here is the link to my youtube video about the creation of these images