Training workshop composition

Training our one day workshop

Our one day training is totally focused around developing the skills need for good image composition. I’ve been scouting locations for our one day work shops. Travelled all through the Barossa and surrounding areas and finally ended up using the beautiful council common next to the gallery.  creating the format for running the training for this workshop. and of course getting out and taking photos . ( that was the fun part )

And as you all know with also fitting in family commitments, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. But on the whole we are getting there.Also with all of the above going on, I have managed to prepare a collection of new images for SALA ( South Australian Living Artists ) but not only new images but a different way of presenting them.The images are 20”x 16” presented with a white mat with shadow detail, no frame or glass. What I have done is coat the image with a a gloss coating that enhances the final print and really brings it to life. They are designed to be light weight so that they can be hung on walls using velcro tabs. So no need for holes in your wallsAmongst other things I have been playing around with a new technique of converting an image to black and white, then selectively hand colouring the print using our modern technology( photoshop ). These will be on display for SALA and it would be fantastic to have some feed back.

I can’t remember whether I mentioned in my last blog that my printer died, the technician has been backwards and forwards. The other day it got carted away, it seems  it may need major surgery and I may need to take out a loan to make it feel better!So make sure you save the date. Sala is for the full month of August and if you happen to be here on a Sunday in August between 1and 2pm you might enjoy hearing some of my stories about my images. Mind you, I can dribble on a bit at times.So at the moment getting every thing ready just waiting for the heart surgery patient to return. But one things for sure its going to have to pull its finger out,as there won’t be won’t be any time for recuperation.

Cheers Peter

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