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Passion and persistence pays off.

About Peter Franz Photography / Australian Landscape photographer. Photography has been my passion for over 50 years and that passion is still there. Always striving to improve, learn new skills and just get out there and capture that fantastic Australian landscape.

Here at Peter Franz Photography ( Gallery ) I am delighted to be able to share my passion with my many visitors to the gallery. Relating the stories behind each individual image and I must admit there are some good ones. Then of course how I went about the capture, post production and getting the final print on the wall.

I think that I'm very fortunate to have my own gallery to display my images. But of course this comes with a price. In the sense that there are times when I am away for extended periods pursuing my passion. I work with my wife and we both enjoy getting out and about capturing the great Australian Landscape. So therefore the gallery just gets closed.

So when you're in the Barossa drop in and visit me at the Gallery in Lyndoch. What you'll find is a stunning collection of fine art printed and framed  works created by Peter Franz Brunnbauer All of my works are created with my passion as photographer, my skill as printer and my craftsmanship as a framer. This is why I don't hesitate to give a ONE MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE



Peter Franz Photography started in 2007   For a number of years I had been working out of home. Now to have my own gallery, to display my works was just awesome. The first couple of years I also hosted other artist's work.  This helped bring in some much needed money from commissioned sales. Which was duly spent on printing and framing my Art pieces.


Landscape images were moving very slowly so we tried a number of different marketing strategies. But all of them produced mediocre results. We decided to pursue a different tack and moved into family portraiture. Searched out someone that specializes in portraiture to help set up the studio layout and how to best market it. Also about the same time we started to market ourselves in wedding photography. It seemed a natural progression from portraits. We had reasonable success and it brought in the extra revenue needed to get my work out into the gallery. Space now was quite small with some of the area taken up with a shooting and viewing room. We also had a Name change to Lyndoch Studio. Looking back in hindsight the name change was not a good move,  as we were to find out later.


After three years of weddings and portraiture I started to lose interest. My passion for landscape photography had suffered. There were times when I had no motivation to grab the camera and get out there amongst our beautiful Australian Landscape. After a long chat with my wife we decided it was time for one more change back to where my true passion lay, landscape photography.

Well all the changes back to a gallery space have been made and we are operating again as a photographic Australian landscape gallery. The whole of the gallery houses some of my best works. I must say I feel good having gone back to where I started from. It's been a lengthy process to get to where I am today and with every situation in life, there is always something positive that can be gained.  I think in this industry one needs to operate in the right genre which is where your passion lies .I don't dwell on the past I look ahead to what can be achieved next for Peter Franz Photography. My passion is what drives me and motivates me to get out there and find those fantastic Australian Landscapes.



many and varied

During my 62 years of working life  ( and I am still working  ) I have had a variety of jobs. I have only been working as a professional photographer from 2007-2016. But since I started work at the age of fifteen and started earning money I had a camera in my hand.

Photography was just a small part of what I enjoyed during the early years of my working life.I loved the outdoors so there were many other things that I spent time on pursuing. But the camera was always around.

It was only in the first 8 to 10 years of my working life that I was actually employed by someone. I spent a short period working under supervision in the building industry. In that time I had learned and master enough skills to venture out on my own. I have always since that early period been self employed which as some of you may know has its it's good and bad points. For me there more good points as it allowed me and my family to enjoy the vast Australian outdoors