Recent works

Recently I went to Corny Point on Yorke Peninsula for a bit of Kayaking and also to try out and practice flying my Drone nicknamed ( Birdy)

Sun reflecting on lighthouse and the early morning clouds

I Left the camper trailer early to get there before full sunrise. Otherwise I would have lost the colour in the clouds and that soft light. This would be the first time that I flew "Birdy" out of the open water, a scary moment especially when it gets lost against the dark clouds.

Trying to capture Australian Seascape images can be quiet challenging when doing it for the first time with a drone There was a moment of panic, wondering if I would every see it again. So I hit the home button which automatically brings it back so they tell you. And it did, i hadn't taken a photo yet so I replaced the battery and with a bit more confidence sent it out again. What you see above was the result. It will all improve as I get better.

Here is the link to the other images that I shot on the same morning