Drone Landscape images

Drone landscape image of early morning sun shining on Clouds and Corny point Lighthouse Drone landscape image,of early morning sun shining on the Clouds and Corny Point Lighthouse. What start to for my first flight over water with my drone. By the way the drone has a name, when my wife and I were unboxing…
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Stock Images

I finally have found a new direction to take my photography to, STOCK IMAGES.  It's been quite awhile since I sat down with a bit of motivation to write a blog. But here I am trying to sort out the muddle in my mind, of how to put pen to paper. Green coiled rope on…
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 Camera Training

Learning how to find your way through the maze of settings and functions of the modern DSLR camera.  This is where a tailored Camera Training session will assist you to understanding your DSLR. There fantastic pieces of equipment with a multitude of functions and settings.  But you can find yourself confronted with  technology overload. This is why most of us leave this fantastic piece of equipment in full auto mode.This will produce good images,

Even the phone and tablet will get you good images.  No "Camera Training"needed .
Being able to capture those magnificent sunset, those lovely wispy clouds. That fantastic street scene or produce that frothy appearance in that running stream. You grab your camera look at all the knobs and buttons.  Or dive into the menu and you end up with a panic attack.  Where do I start!

Camera Training will help you understand your camera and its functions

What they do and how they interact with one an other will have you operating that camera like a pro.  We can help with this process by you taking one of our personalised "Camera Training" sessions.

Digital SLR's are fantastic pieces of equipment, they have numerous functions.  More than most of use actually need.  Getting to know the basic. In simple terminology, will go a long way to understanding how the camera functions.  What we do is give you the confidence and know how to get the best from your DSLR.

Doesn't matter at what level we enter photography with a DSLR.  Sooner or later we will need a bit of "Camera Training". That is even so with professionals we may have years of experience. But with technology changing so rapidly we need to continually refresh ourselves to keep up our skill levels.

Any "Camera Training" is an investment, Just think of it like this. You finally have the time to indulge you passion, you've booked this great overseas holiday. Fantastic locations ,spectacular scenery, interesting people. How are you going to set up your camera to produce the best results?

Camera Training

The question is DO I NEED IT, well I really think that most of us need some sort of training these days. Especially when confronted with todays technology and this is not only cameras. Camera Training combined with PRACTICE.  Having any sort of training can be a waste of time and money if its not re-enforced with practice.

I hear this quite often " I don't have the time ,I am to busy" yet you've spent a goodly sum of money pursuing your passion.  Taking a "Camera Training" session will sent you on the way to creating better images. One of the main things to do is get used to "fiddle with the camera" just like kids play with there electronic devices. Try different settings, look at a variety of options to get the same result in an exposure.

All this can be done sitting in the lounge, out on the back porch. After the kids have gone to sleep. It only takes a few minutes to keep your mind refreshed. Then when you get the chance to get out and about. Knobs buttons and settings slowly become easier to use because you have a better understand of their functions.

Camera Training How did it help me

I have been using a camera for numerous years as an amateur and as a professional. Transition for me to digital only happened 11 years ago, so in those early years I also undertook a certain amount of Camera Training.  But my training was done by using my peers in the industry.  The basics of how to get a good exposure doesn't change.  Wether it be film or digital.  So for me it was more learning the function, and how to navigate my way through the massive menus.

In my professional career as a photographer I have undertaken a great variety of training courses to perfect my skills. As most of you would know, taking a great image is only the start of the creative process.  Living in the digital era allows us a huge amount of flexibility. In how we present our final product wether it is on electronic media or print .We are so fortunate in with digital photography.  it also allows us to be an artist with or images.  And in this manner create fantastic works of art.

Enjoying my age

Enjoying my age more than ever, it,s fantastic be be the age I am. I Always thought though,  will I be able to do what I want to when I get to this age. More so in relationship to my physical health.
Well with all of my activities that I enjoy and a bit of the physical work that I do. A bit of building work for my daughters for myself and of course working in the garden. it seems to do the job.

That was till I suggested to my wife that we should take up kayaking, a sport that I had enjoyed tremendously in my younger days. When my wife and I started looking around to buy a couple of kayaks,
I was rather taken back at the price of plastic kayaks, then when I started to look at kevlar and fiberglass it nearly got me into an early grave. So being who I am , always tinkering and building things. I thought I'll build a kayak,

I must admit the with the aid of google these days nothing is impossible. So I started my journey of research about building Kayaks. What I soon realised the type of kayaks we wanted needed a bit more flexibility in their use. So guess what? my wife and I started a regime of yoga weights and pilates. So I am definitely enjoying my age now. Its made a wonderful difference to our general wellbeing. And with all the thinking needed to research and build its keeping the brain active also.

What I found

What I came up with was a SKIN ON FRAME kayak similar to what the inuits used for hunting. Fantastic shape and ultra light. One of the things that always interested me was learning to roll a Kayak, and this is of course where the greenland kayak comes into its own. Interestingly the can skin on frame kayaks can be build for a multitude of purposes.
Have build a couple of them now, mine is 18'6" by 21" wifes is 15'6" by 23" mine weighs in at 12.4kg and Rosemary's is a mere 10.2kg. So all in all fantastic weight. the handle well Rosemary loves hers its just so easy to paddle and manage. So yes I am certainly enjoying my age. Of course the next thing is how to incorporate it into my photographer.

I have sown the seeds and mentioned to my wife that this would gives us an other dimension of viewing the shore line and would create some fantastic images. ( I am thinking of a Gopro black 5 ) she hasn't taken the bait yet, more work required. in ht mean time I have a small Pelican case for my sony RX100 mark 3. just not as handy as a gopro would be