Drone Landscape images

Drone landscape image Corny Point sunrise.
Drone landscape image of early morning sun shining on Clouds and Corny point Lighthouse

Drone landscape image,of early morning sun shining on the Clouds and Corny Point Lighthouse. What start to for my first flight over water with my drone. By the way the drone has a name, when my wife and I were unboxing as they say. She suggested we should give it a name because it looks cute. I think it took her all of 2 seconds to come up with a name. So it was called "Birdie" , so if in this blog I refer to Birdie you know its my drone. I have played around with it for a few weeks now, trying as many of the functions that I could find. But of course it was always in relative safe conditions. Big open spaces clear skies no wind. So if anything did happen to Birdie it was possible to retrieve. Prior to getting that drone up and over the water I found this a very fasinating site and very informative. https://digital-photography-school.com/how-to-use-drones-to-do-stunning-aerial-photography/

Drone Photography over Big Open Water

Drone landscape image of Corny Point lighthouse
Beautiful calm morning capturing the sun reflecting of Corny Point lighthouse

Drone landscape image Looking at Corny point lighthouse and its location.The Sea has always fascinated me, my wife and i spend a lot of time around Australia's coastline. I have photographed it many times and in a variety of locations. So it was only natural to progress to to flying a drone and create images captured with drone. A drone called Birdie. When looking at the coastline using a normal camera there was always this position that would make a great shot. But it was always out over the water. Sometimes you got lucky and you could get out on a headland. But now with "Birdie" the possibilities are endless. Only restricted by flight time and my skill level. So it was with great interpretation that I sent "Birdie" into the great blue yonder. To get my first drone landscape image. Over a big open space of water, about 400 meters out from the shoreline. I think the elevation was about 50 meters. 

Well it happened

There was "Birdie humming away in the distance, I took my eyes of it to look at the flight screen. When i looked up "Birdie was nowhere to be seen or heard. I scoured the sky to no avail, and you always think of the worst case scenarios. "Birdies gone for a swim and some birds just don't swim well at all. It took me a few seconds to think what i should be doing . Of course if its still in the air hit the home button and it will return . So hit the button and within a few seconds I could here Birdie coming home to his landing pad. He made a perfect landing, so a change of battery and up into the sky he went again. This time with a bit of repositioning I managed to get 4 reasonable good Drone landscape images . I wouldn't call them superb but for the first effort I was happy especially as i still had "Birdie" 

Here is the link to the images on my web site. https://peterfranzphotography.com/photo-details/14/4624/Early-Morning-Corny-Point/view/

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