Stock Images

I finally have found a new direction to take my photography to, STOCK IMAGES.  It's been quite awhile since I sat down with a bit of motivation to write a blog. But here I am trying to sort out the muddle in my mind, of how to put pen to paper.

Green coiled rope on rustic background.

Where I live in South Australia in the township of Lyndoch, tourism has dropped of quite a bit so I had to rethink of what I needed to do. I am retired but still enjoy working and bringing in a bit of an income to support my leisure activity. Which I have taken on with a passion sea kayaking, which I did in my younger days. Combined this with photography, I think has given me a new direction.

Stock images create new opportunities

This will open up a great variety of opportunities with the camera. It's fantastic the low level view you get from the kayak cruising around a harbour, coastlines. Remote locations only accessible by small boat / kayak. By providing stock images it gives me a greater selection of subject matter to use. Just the other day I was wondering around my backyard, looking at the garden in spring. lovely blossoms, new growth on my fruit trees.

All of this I saw as possible images for my stock image collection. I will still have superb landscape images for sale as prints and on display in the gallery, those of you that have bought from me before know the quality of the work that will never change. What I also found I am getting more creative with my stock images, looking for ways to present a lovely piece of wall art. That will complement any given space and bring it to life.

I would like to thank all of my clients that have stayed with me for this uncertain period of mine and have not left my mailing list.

As a thank you be the first to visit my new downloadable image range.

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