Australian Landscape, Flinders Ranges

Being a photographer’s wife has its rewards. Our recent trip to the Flinders Ranges was both relaxing and challenging. I really enjoyed cruising along, looking at our stunning Australian landscape. I was mesmerised by the beautiful contrasts of both shape and colour presented by the majestic Flinders Ranges landscapes. Our previous visits to the Flinders Ranges…
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Landscape images from the Flinders

Well we've been back now just over a week from our last trip away to collect Australian Landscape images , from around the Flinders Ranges. If you haven't had a chance to look at them, I'd appreciate some feed back on them. That’s enough of promoting myself I’ll do a bit more  later. It's been the…
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My Week as a landscape Photographer

It’s amazing how most people think that the landscape photographer has one long life of one of adventure and excitement. After reading my last blog you would be right in believing that. But this it is far from the truth . This is the same for every self employed person, running their own business. In reality…
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