Australian Landscape, Flinders Ranges

Being a photographer’s wife has its rewards. Our recent trip to the Flinders Ranges was both relaxing and challenging. I really enjoyed cruising along, looking at our stunning Australian landscape.

I was mesmerised by the beautiful contrasts of both shape and colour presented by the majestic Flinders Ranges landscapes. Our previous visits to the Flinders Ranges had been mostly about bush walking and camping out with our family. This provided lots of action without a lot of time for appreciating the rugged Australian landscapes  which make up the Flinders Ranges.

With children now grown up and having their own families, we have a little more time to savour the contrasting beauty of a wide variety of Australian landscapes. 

Fortunately, we both share this passion for portraying the Australian landscape in its amazing beauty. We now have the luxury of a camper trailer and enjoy the convenience of being able to make camp quickly, in any location. While all of this sounds really relaxing, the challenging part comes when taking on the role of photographer’s assistant.

My husband is a dedicated photographer, obsessed with showcasing the Australian landscape in all of its beauty. After 40 years of marriage, I should be wary of being lulled into a little stroll down the gorge to see what might be worth photographing! Usually these strolls turn into a 4 to 5 kms. Walk over rough terrain.

Fortunately my husband’s saving grace is that he is also a handy man. Thank goodness for the little portable campfire ‘burner’ that he made, as we were able to have a a warming chat about the day’s photography. Even despite the occasional drizzle , cold nights and long walks, I’m still smiling .I feel very fortunate to have the experiences which photographing our amazing Australian landscape provides .

Cheers Peter

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