Sunrise / Sunsets

Sunrise / Sunsets

The glorious parts of the day sunrise – sunset

Where would a photography be if he didn’t take images in the best part of the day. that lovely soft early morning light leading up to ( sometimes ) a splendid sunrise. As i am an early morning person anyway, I have spent many standing behind my camera in the dark sometimes in the freezing cold. Even getting caught in the rain waiting for that first glimmer of light to appear over the horizon.

The problem for me capturing sunsets is one of that I like to go to bed early. I do make the occasional effort and stay up late if I can see it being worthwhile. Most times it is and I get some great photos. As was the case with my last photo trip to the flinders, good some really nice soft early morning light and sunrise.

But the best was a spectacular sunset in Wikawilliana Gorge in the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

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